LeapAnalysis (LA) is the world’s first virtualized semantic search and analytics engine that can seamlessly operate across fully federated data sources.

LeapAnalysis allows you to embrace your data silos!

Introduction Video to LeapAnalysis

LeapAnalysis - Embrace your data silos

LeapAnalysis (LA) is a state-of-the art search and analytics engine that is the first ever to offer virtualized connectivity to any data source directly. LA allows for true federation of enterprise data without the need for expensive and cumbersome integration efforts as in the past. Watch now to begin your path to AI.

Reduce the need for up-front investment in:

  • Data Warehouse Technology
  • Data Lake Infrastructure
LeapAnalysis provides customers with the ability to build a virtual on-demand Data Lake.
  • Save time and money
  • See your important data sources
  • Run queries/analytics against any data
Why choose LeapAnalyis?

  • Built on Semantics using FAIR Data
  • Experienced team of mulit-disciplinary experts
  • Services powered by OSTHUS – 25+years
  • Deployed within Top-20 Pharma


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